Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo Usui Master Symbol pronounced (Die-Koh-Me-Oh)

Dai Ko Myo indicates light, clarity, intention, understanding, presence, silence. It is the symbol used in initiations to harmonize human beings to the energy of Reiki. Dai Ko Myo opens, enlightens, protects. It is Light which nourishes and fills, leads the way and rests the spirit.

Dai Ko Myo means: “great shining light”, “great luminous shining”, “great enlightenment” and it represents the beating heart of Reiki.

Dai Ko Myo represents the most authentic, lively and present part of the whole Reiki path. This light is used to enlighten one’s path, for understanding one’s true self again, to tap into one’s own deepest, inmost soul, to lead the way in the exploration to reach the essence of Being.

Dai Ko Myo is also used for self-treatment and for treating others with great awareness, in a dynamic balance of relaxation and concentration, with its silent and vivifying presence.